About Me…


My name is Patti Hemphill and I currently reside in Western NC with my husband Lee. We’re a combined family of two grown sons and three grandchildren that we love spending time with! In our spare time we love to RV, hike, and bike. Aside from writing,  I’m an avid crochet-er and general crafter too. Check out my tab,”PKStitches”…I’ve been known to take an order or two!

We are truly blessed…thus the name of my blogsite. I’ve not always walked the Christian walk. I’ve not always had what I now enjoy, and I thank God every day, for every way that I’ve, we’ve, been blessed. It’s so easy to take things for granted isn’t it? When I start feeling angry, sad or depressed by things swirling around me, I go through my blessing list. It goes like this: clean water, food, health, clothing, I have heat and air conditioning, a home, a car…you get the idea! 🙂
Before I know it I can’t help but lift up a prayer of thanks and praise! The song, “Count Your Blessings” wells up in my heart.

I love to write. I think I always have. I’ve never dared too on a professional level, I don’t think I could handle the rejection. I’ve written little blurbs for Church newsletters here and there. Some prayers and Communion meditations. I’ve taken a couple of online writing courses and chose to blog. I’m always touched when I read some of the sweet comments.

My goal with Blessed? To provide a place where people can come and be encouraged and to read what I pray are inspiring essays or poetry about life in general. People these days are so broken but I want to offer hope and encouragement to you! God loves YOU, God will meet you where you ARE! I want people to know the gospel truth of Jesus and pray their journey Home can begin here!

Thank you for visiting my site, God bless you!


3 thoughts on “About Me…

    • Jeanie Mayhew says:

      Patti, I just now discovered this….great stuff! How long have you done this, and how often? I am so happy to have run into it….I think it was a God thing. Love you; God continue his blessings on you and yours.


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